Blueshift IP is a patent law firm specializing in obtaining broad, strong, defensible, and commercially valuable patents for software and computer technology. The firm leverages decades of combined expertise to protect companies’ software innovations with strong patents to maximize patent portfolio value.

The firm’s founders, attorneys Robert Plotkin and Cynthia Gilbert, are computer scientists who speak the language of their clients and understand the unique needs of software companies from a legal and business perspective. They have experienced the shifting sands of patent eligibility law and practice over decades and know how to craft software patents that are built to last over time and to withstand challenges from the fiercest competitors. The patents they have obtained for their small- and medium-sized clients have been brought into battle against the world’s largest technology companies and come out on top.

Blueshift IP specializes in obtaining comprehensive international patent portfolios for growing high-tech companies as they evolve. The patents the firm has obtained have added significant value in patent licensing and sale transactions, as well as in mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs. The world’s most innovative tech companies come to Blueshift IP for strategic patent protection to defend against competitive encroachments, to generate revenue, and to maximize company value for successful exits of all kinds.

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