Obscure Patents

Welcome to the Museum of Obscure Patents.  Here are some of the strangest patented inventions you will ever see.  Enjoy!

Doll Urn

Halloween Costume

Dog Chastity Belt

Squirrel Teaser

Interactive Toy

Scripture Furniture

Dog Testicular Implants

Termite Flatulence

Boxer Advertising

Head Mounted Letter M

The Beerbrella

Pest Death Ray

System for Walking a Snake

Doggy Colostomy Bag

Dog Umbrella & Leash

Carry Out Food Container

Deceptive Diaper

Bathing Ponco

Stealth Fly Swatter

Disposable Boxer Shorts

Electro Shock Game

Homeopathic X-ray

Pillow With Breasts

Magnetic Therapy

Human Slingshot

Flush Toilet for Dogs

Better Mouse Trap