Obscure Patent: Pillow with breasts

Pillow with breasts
US Patent No. 7,386,902
Issued June 17, 2008 

This is an interesting invention indeed.  I am not posting this to poke fun of the invention, but rather because it is certainly unique.  Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that inventions are intended to provide exclusive rights for inventors to insulate themselves from competition.  So any patent that covers a product that has a market can be extremely useful to the inventor.  Now I have no particular knowledge about whether there is a market for this invention, but it does seem at least as interesting as much of the merchandise on sale at your neighborhood Spencer Gifts.  So I would have to give this invention a thumbs up because it is interesting and seems likely that with proper placement it could result in sales.

As for the patent itself, the Description of the Related Art explains the purpose of the invention:

There are many instances when the human psyche requires a familiar environment to feel comfortable and secure. This is true of adults and especially true of infants. The familiar hollows of a parent’s lap or the contours of a mother’s breast promote a sense of well-being that induces an aura of comfort. Unfortunately, parents cannot always be available to provide the nesting lap or breasts when the infant is fretful and in need of a familiar environment. At such times, a familiar pillow might suffice as a suitable substitute.

There is a need for a pillow that simulates the female chest. Thus, a pillow with breasts solving the aforementioned problems is desired.

I am not a fan of calling anything “prior art” or “related art” in a patent application.  I would simply refer to the above section as a part of the the “Background.”  Nevertheless, the above section does set up the problem that the invention addresses, which is what the Background is supposed to do.

The Summary of the Invention states:

The pillow with breasts of the present invention can provide comfort for the user in that it minimizes the absence of a mother or loved one. The pillow may be positioned under the neck, head, behind the shoulders, or may be placed in any position that provides comfort to the user.

As contemplated, the pillow will be available in conventional sizes (standard, queen, king) and utilize conventional and suitable coverings (cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, etc.). The top surface of the pillow is configured to simulate the anatomy of the human, female breast. Filling for the pillow can include any suitable materials that would create a desired consistency. Fill materials such as foam, silicon, microfiber beads, feathers, styrofoam, etc. are among the many suitable fill materials that could be employed.

A second embodiment provides an insulated pocket for housing a bottle. This embodiment can be utilized when the mother desires a break from nursing, transitioning from breast to bottle-feeding, or if the mother is no longer able to nurse for some reason.

Accordingly, the invention presents a pillow having an upper surface contoured to simulate the female breast(s) for providing comfort to a user.

These and other features of the present invention will become readily apparent upon further review of the following specification and drawings.


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