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China releases new proposed amendments to patent laws

Although the Chinese Patent Law is a mere 31 years old, it has already gone through 3 major revisions, the last being 6 years ago. In its most recent effort, China just released the “Draft 4th Amendments to the Chinese Patent Law” for public comments, which are due by Jan 1, 2016. The proposed amendments will significantly strengthen areas such as patent enforcement and broaden design patent protection.

Achieving Broader Patent Scope in Asia

Very few would argue that broader scope is easier in Asia than in the US. Not surprisingly, this is because the laws and practice are different. The US law entitles an inventor to a patent unless the USPTO carries the burden of showing that the claims lack novelty, are obvious, or lack utility… But no patent laws in Asia are so strongly on the side of the inventor as compared to the US. So oftentimes the practice is that the burden of proof is on the inventor/applicant to show that they deserve a patent. Saying it another way, in the US it is your right to get a patent, while in Europe or Asia it is more like a privilege.