Upcoming PLI Patent Programs

Patent Bar Review
September 22-26, 2009, New York City

In clear, concise, right-to-the-point language, this information-packed course leads you through the intricacies – and around the traps – of the Patent Bar Exam. You’ll get the hard facts, test-taking tips, sample questions and answers, and intense practice exams that mirror what you’re going to face when you sit down to take the real thing. Our PatWare software almost exactly predicted the current format of the Exam by many years. PatWare has now been expanded and updated to play an even more critical role in your preparation. There’s just one reason this is the essential PTO exam resource: It is simply the most user-friendly, comprehensive, in-depth, authoritative and Exam-focused course available today.

Advanced Patent Prosecution Workshop 2009
August 17-18, 2009, San Francisco

The San Francisco Workshop is organized into three technology sections: Biology/Chemistry, Electrical/Computer, and Mechanical. Enrollment in these sections is limited, and two or three senior patent attorneys will lead each section. Homework review and realistic claim drafting and amendment writing exercises are also a special feature of these workshops.

PTO & CAFC Perspective on Patent Law Sections 102 & 103
September 1, 2009, San Francisco & Live Webcast

For every practitioner, it is necessary to stay current on the touchstone of patentability: 35 USC 102, Prior Art. This key statute continues to be re-understood and re-interpreted by the PTO and CAFC. And let’s not overlook the most common reason any application is rejected or patent held invalid: 35 USC 103, Obviousness. The Pandora’s Box of KSR v. Teleflex or “what in the world were they thinking when they wrote that opinion” will be explored from inside and outside the PTO. Are the KSR effects uniform, or do they vary subject to subject in the PTO and Courthouse?

Whether you are a seasoned patent practitioner or just beginning to understand the intricacies of these pivotal patentability hurdles, this program presents a unique opportunity to find clarity where there isn’t clarity to be found.

Advanced Patent Licensing 2009
September 14-15, 2009, San Francisco & Live Webcast

You will not want to miss this new, expanded program content! In the current economy, more and more companies are seeking to monetize their patent portfolios. Thus, understanding patent transactions has never been more important. Experts in patent licensing will cover recent legal developments, techniques for drafting agreements for patent licensing, purchases and sales, strategies for multinational patent portfolio development, and practical advice on negotiation and enforcement considerations.

Developments in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Law 2009
September 17, 2009, New York City
September 17, 2009, Boston Groupcast
September 17, 2009, New Brunswick, NJ Groupcast
September 17, 2009, Philadelphia Groupcast
September 17, 2009, Pittsburgh Groupcast
September 17, 2009, Live Webcast
October 14, 2009, San Francisco

This year’s program is totally new! Pharmaceutical and biotech patent law is an important and rapidly changing practice area and the program is designed to give you the information you need to maintain your practice edge. Technological innovation, Federal Circuit appellate oversight, Congressional action and Supreme Court decisions have all driven significant changes in the law. Several different perspectives on many of the most pressing issues will be offered from experienced in-house and outside counsel.

Patent Litigation 2009
September 21-22, 2009, San Francisco & Live Webcast
October 5-6, 2009, Northern Virginia
October 15-16, 2009, Chicago
November 9-10, 2009, Atlanta
November 16-17, 2009, New York City

Patent litigation is very expensive, damage awards can be large and business disruption is a critical risk. Rapid changes in patent law make it necessary, whether you are plaintiff’s or defendant’s counsel, to ensure that you are up-to-date on the current state of the law and on how to develop successful litigation strategies and tactics. Patent litigation is a potent tool to protect patents. Damage awards, attorney fees and associated costs can easily run into millions of dollars, potentially closing business operations overnight. This course is taught by a faculty of judges and lawyers who have earned national reputations in patent litigation by trying a wide variety of bench and jury patent trials, and provides comprehensive coverage of every phase of a patent lawsuit.


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