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The latest version of the Invent + Patent System™ was released on November This system provides an innovative approach to creating patent applications in a cost-effective and timely manner. In the past, an inventor would contact a patent attorney with an idea. The inventor would provide notes, comments, drawings or whatever else they might have collected during the initial inventive stages.

The attorney would then try to interpret this information and put it into the format required to file a patent application at the United States Patent Office. The procedure could involve many sessions – back and forth – between the inventor and attorney before a satisfactory first draft could be produced. The process was, and is, slow, expensive and frustrating. Ultimately, an application would be filed not because it has covered the invention to the fullest extent possible but because the inventor could not afford to pay the patent attorney to spend any additional time working on the application.

The Invent + Patent System™ enables the inventor to drive the application process and stay engaged throughout the process. By answering a series of specific, legally derived questions, the inventor provides extremely detailed information. Rather than wasting time, money and energy creating an acceptable patent application the patent attorney can focus on spending time adding the most possible value and expanding the description of the invention to provide the maximum protection possible.

The system consists of 10 questions, and it is anticipated that for most inventions an inventor using the system for the first time will be able to thoughtfully and completely answer these 10 questions within about 2 hours. The Invent + Patent System™ contains both questions and detailed explanation regarding the type of information the question is intending to collect. Also provided is a suggested answer template, as well as specific examples of suitable answers. These answers are taken from issued patents, but because the quality of issued patents is not always what one would hope for, these example answers have been modified and enhanced in many cases to better provide an illustrative response to the question presented.

The Invent + Patent System™ uses a unique mentored application writing process I have developed over the years.  I have taught thousands of patent attorneys how to pass the rigorous US patent bar examination, and has taught hundreds of patent attorneys how to draft patent applications, write patent claims and prosecute patent applications at the United States Patent Office. While teaching patent drafting courses he needed to devise a method for teaching law school students how to competently draft patent applications. As a result, he came up with a system that could easily teach law students and new attorneys how to draft applications. Based on this early success, the system was adapted for use with inventors. Early versions of the system have been in use since 2004, and have proved to be tremendously successful in both ensuring quality and reducing cost substantially. The latest version, Version 4.0, was released on November 6, 2008.

The cost of using the the Invent + Patent System™ is $99. For this fee you will gain access to this tool that you will use to put together the information necessary for a provisional patent application. You will also receive the forms necessary for filing with the United States Patent Office, as well as detailed filing instructions. If you are a small entity (i.e., an independent inventor or company with fewer than 500 people) the filing fees due to the US Patent Office will be $110.

Once you complete payment you will need to click on the “Back to IPWatchdog” button. This will take you to the Invent & Patent System main page where you can create your own account.

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The Invent + Patent System™ – $99

Includes access to the system, the forms necessary for filing a provisional patent application with the United States Patent Office and detailed filing instructions.

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