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Gene Quinn Declared Patent Twit of the Week

I just so happened to stumble across an interesting article declaring me Patent Twit of the Week.  Normally one would not be proud of being declared a “twit,” but I have to say that I am enormously proud of this recognition.  It seems that The Center for a Stateless Society has declared me a patent twit.  Yes, you read the…

Beware the Anti-Patent Misdirection and Lies

Anyone who has been reading over the last several days knows that anti-patent advocates have been lambasting me for taking the position that patents are not evil and that more than a 0 year patent term is appropriate.  This debate was progressing about as well as you could expect I suppose.  I was making arguments and the anti-patent advocates…

Responding to Critics: My View on Patents & Innovation

I seem to have started a firestorm by writing a post openly questioning how a patent attorney (i.e., Stephan Kinsella) could be of the opinion that it is preferable to have weak patent rights.  I openly questioned how and why any individual or corporation would hire a patent attorney who does not believe in the patent system and seems to…

Reality Check: Anti-Patent Patent Musings Simply Bizarre

I stumbled across an interesting article today from The Post and Courier regarding how interest in US patents is picking up in Cuba.  First, it was interesting enough to learn that it is possible for companies and individuals in Cuba to obtain a US patent given how Cuba and the US have been on rather inhospitable terms for many decades. …

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