IP-Tech Startup ETERNERS Declares the Era of New Original Technology & IP Development

Original Technology Patent in the Field of Multi-Modal Interfaces for Humans, AI, Autonomous Driving, and Robots

ETERNERS’ UX Engineering Providing a New User Experience

In the Techno-Humanism era, where the development of advanced technologies for humans is accelerating, it is difficult for companies to survive only with their products, services, and technologies so far, and only companies that provide valuable new user experiences can be sustainable and lead the AI era. An IP-Tech startup was born in Korea for the first time.

On April 25 at the ETERNERS Day event venue at Park Hyatt Seoul Hotel, a briefing session on ETERNERS’ business model and the patents of its proprietary original technology was held for invited tech companies, K-pop marketing, advertising, media, and venture capitalists, and a demonstration of a test service utilizing IP patents was held.

Even big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, NVIDIA, and Amazon find it very difficult to develop core technologies, patent them, and commercialize them as a revenue model, and the original technology patents that NPE (Non-Practicing Entity), who own 9% of the 240 million registered patents worldwide, are most coveted.

ETERNERS’ challenge to develop these original technologies in-house, preempt them with strong market barrier patents, and connect them with revenue models that can be commercialized immediately may seem reckless, but ETERNERS held a ceremony to recognize its capabilities and value through patents registered and applied for domestically and internationally and field demonstrations of revenue model services.

Current Patent Situation in Cutting-edge Technology Field

Original technology is a necessary technology that requires large-scale investment and a long time, and developing source technologies in R&D fields is virtually impossible for latecomers to catch up with, except for specialized fields, considering the input resources and costs of frontrunners. Original technologies are almost monopolized by global large companies in manufacturing, bio and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and ICT fields, so not only technology companies but also most related companies have been licensing or paying patent royalties for the relevant technologies. In addition, in the field of artificial intelligence, algorithms are open, and only platforms and big tech companies that have preempted massive hardware computing resources and huge big data have taken the initiative. However, the rapid development of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence is evolving beyond simple interfaces and visual designs between humans and computers into new multi-modal interfaces and is even changing the way humans interact and communicate with each other. User Experience Engineering to implement these multi-modal interfaces is a field that is unfamiliar even to the industry, with only a few examples, such as the patent for unlocking screen technology (Slide to Unlock, Apple US7,657,849) invented and registered by Steve Jobs at Apple, which generated enormous royalty income.

Global First Bidirectional Emojis and Content IP Registration iSTAM Demonstration Screenshot (Provided by ETERNERS)


ETERNERS’ Proprietary Technology Patents and Demonstration Contents

In general, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand patent specifications unless they are patent attorneys or experts in the relevant technical field. However, ETERNERS’ patent specifications and key claims are written in simple sentences that anyone can easily understand, and are designed to be applied immediately to current products and services, so they explain that the monopolistic and rights-based nature of the original technology cannot help but be strong. ETERNERS’ patents, which claim that necessary technologies that everyone must use are truly original technologies, currently have two PCT patents with priority in 160 countries, six domestically registered patents, and eight pending patents, and various other portfolios were introduced, and plans to file an additional 100 foundational patents this year were explained.

At ETERNERS, we go beyond the existing generative AI that generates responses to user prompts and have the world’s first conversational AI that actively asks questions, interactive emotional AI, and messaging systems that can apply various stories to one emoji and apply to AI chatbots/messengers/SNS/advertising/K-pop fandom marketing, various revenue business models and source technologies, and portfolio patents related to the operation and flight of autonomous vehicles and drones, and People Blockchain that proves the copyright of contents with a single click. The important point here is that it is patented as an original technology that everyone must use, and the fact that it shows a pilot service that combines technology patents with a revenue model is a special feature that only ETERNERS shows.

Future Market Expectations of ETERNERS Providing Revenue Models and Proprietary Technologies

ETERNERS’ current and pending technology IP Patent in the conversational, emotional AI, and advanced technology fields are essential for large language models (LLM: Large Language Model) and natural language processing (NLP: Natural Language Processing) using text and voice data. Target customer companies include all products, devices, and service companies in the messaging, SNS, communication-based platform, wired and wireless hardware devices, and software application fields, and all places that use the technology, including startups and big tech, are ETERNERS’ technology licensing customers. Currently, we have gone through four POC (Proof of Concept) domestic tests for commerce, fintech, Short Message Service, and messenger companies, and we have a goal of attracting 1,000 tech startups in the global market as our first technology licensing customers.

If ETERNERS’ goal of providing a revenue model to startups and tech companies and receiving technology royalties instead of suing for damages with its own original technology patents like NPE or big tech companies is not just an ideal but can be realized in reality, it will create a wind of innovation in the global market beyond Korea.

What is more valuable than ETERNERS’ current original technology patents is its UX Engineering capabilities to implement multi-modal interfaces in the fields of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, and its creativity to create 100 strong advanced technology patents in each field within this year. We look forward to seeing if ETERNERS’ startup patent brokerage IP Licensing as a Service platform, which shows the strategy that local startups, which lack capital, technology, resources, data, and manpower, should pursue, will become a new revenue model for 11 million startups worldwide.

Contact: Terry Do, CEO of ETERNERS


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