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Wen Xie is a U.S. Patent Attorney and Partner at Global IP Counselors. She is a prosecutor with a comprehensive understanding of the patent process in the United States, Europe, and across Asia, and experience overseeing the prosecution of applications around the world. Wen is familiar with actions and procedures from all the major national patent offices, including the US Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and the China National Intellectual Property Administration. Wen has written over a hundred original patent applications, and has extensive experience with appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. She represents clients across various technological sectors including the electro-mechanical, medical devices, and computer-operated control technologies.

Wen is highly sought after for her opinion on subject matter eligibility in the United States, particularly with respect to the patentability of software applications and computer-implemented technologies. She has published legal scholarship and speaks frequently on subject matter eligibility under the Alice and Mayo framework.

Highly involved in the innovation community around the world, Wen is a member of the Forbes Business Council and the WINGS WorldQuest Junior Council. Wen is also a leader in the Intellectual Property Owner’s Association, chairing the subcommittee in charge of the Diversity in Innovation Toolkit and working with leaders across the IP arena so that diverse inventors can be thoroughly recognized for their contribution to the innovative ecosphere.

Recent Articles by Wen Xie

Changes to AI Patent Practice in View of the USPTO’s Recent Actions

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO, the Office or the Agency) has recently issued multiple guidance and proposed rules that potentially change the landscape of patent practice. On top of that, the USPTO has also proposed substantial terminal disclaimer fee increases that can induce early filing of terminal disclaimers. The Agency’s actions will significantly impact patenting artificial intelligence and it is important to understand the USPTO’s position from a holistic perspective with respect to this critical emerging technology.

IP Practice Vlogs: Design Practical Exercise – Protecting Variable Design Choices and Color

In the latest episode of IP Practice Vlogs, it’s time for another design patent practical exercise. We previously did a design exercise on patenting Apple’s AirPods. This time we are going to patent the lightsaber. Specifically, as an example, we will be using a custom made lightsaber from Disney which was built by my husband at an experience at Galaxy Edge called Savi’s Workshop. The lightsabers that are assembled and sold at Savi’s workshop are all customizable in which the design or physical appearance actually vary depending on the customer’s design choice. I’m going to show you why this custom-made lightsaber is actually a very good candidate for design patent protection despite its variable design.

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