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is a broadcast director/editor/producer for over 35 years and current President of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council, a position held for the past 11 years. He was the primary Director & Senior Editor at Channel 28 in Tampa when it was a Fox affiliate, and later, Senior Editor at CPN and Diamond P Post Production houses. He now shares his video production skills freelance. From the Super Bowl to NHRA, ESPN sports to Training videos for NAUI, commercials and infomercials; it’s very likely that you have seen some of his work on TV. As a product developer himself, he understands the challenges to bringing a product to market and the importance of delivering a powerful message. His company, IN10DID, Inc. has developed a new one-handed bluetooth keyboard with only 10 keys that replace a full standard keyboard for texting while mobile. His DecaTxt Keyboard allows control of a computer while using a Virtual Reality headset and provides assistive technology for those with limitations. He is an active member of the Tampa Bay community and recently spoke at Ignite Tampa Bay 2017 about building a Hyperloop using renewable resources. He was also recently featured by the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center

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Acting PTO Director Joseph Matal Speaks to Independent Inventors

Mr. Matal opened his discussion stating his belief that independent inventors are the lifeblood of American innovation. He said that a patent is a property right and that whether an inventor actually manufactures the invention or seeks to license it, the rights provided by the patent should be the same. Having said this, he still believes that the PTAB should be able to invalidate a patent, but he did say that it is definitely time to look at the PTAB closely and see what can be done to make it operate more fairly. While he reiterated several times he is only acting and a permanent replacement has been nominated, he said that he would be surprised if this didn’t happen.