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Tyron Stading

is the Chief Data Officer for CPA Global, where he is responsible for creating unified data integration and analytics across all of our products and services. In 2006, Tyron founded and served as CTO for Innography, the US-based IP analytics software provider that CPA Global acquired in 2015. He was previously employed at IBM and several other high technology start-ups. Tyron earned a Computer Science degree from Stanford University and an MBA from University of Texas at Austin. Tyron has published multiple research papers on intellectual property and personally filed more than 50 patents.

Recent Articles by Tyron Stading

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Intellectual Property

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a technology with promise for decades. The ability to manipulate huge volumes of data quickly and efficiently, identifying patterns and quickly analyzing the most optimal solution can be applied to thousands of day-to-day scenarios. However, it is set to come of age in the era of big data and real time decisions – where AI can provide solutions to age old issues and challenges.