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Tim Santoni

is President/CEO at Santoni Investigations. Tim is passionate about Risk Mitigation and enjoys educating business owners on what they can do to mitigate risk in their businesses as well as how to protect themselves from those in their inner circle. Tim provides advice on how to be prepared for, investigate and deal more effectively with litigation and workers comp claims if and when they arise.

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Brand Enforcement in the Amazon Age: What You Need to Know About Project Zero

As online marketplaces have been created and subsequently evolved over time, there always seems to be a point where counterfeits and diverted gray-market goods make their way onto those marketplaces. eBay was one of the first e-commerce sites that gave brand owners and trademark owners the ability to review, monitor and take down infringing goods. This program was called VERO (Verified Rights Owner Program). Alibaba and Amazon are now making their own similar efforts to rid their platforms of counterfeit and infringing goods in an effort to keep the big brands interested in selling on their sites.