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Tatiana Machado Alves is an Attorney at Law at Licks Attorneys’ Rio de Janeiro office since 2013. Before that, she had worked as a paralegal in our team since 2010.

Tatiana has extensive experience with complex litigation and leading cases in the areas of intellectual property, unfair competition, regulatory and competition law. She is also well versed in administrative proceedings before government agencies, such as the Brazilian FDA (ANVISA) and the Brazilian PTO (INPI).

Tatiana holds a Masters in Civil Procedure and Evidence Law from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), in research cooperation with the Maastricht University, in the Netherlands, and a PhD on the same field from UERJ, in research cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, in Germany. In 2017, she was an Invited Researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property (Chizaiken), in Japan.

Recent Articles by Tatiana Machado

Boom in Brazil’s Medical Device Market Creates Patent Infringement Issue

Did you know that Brazil’s medical device market is experiencing a surge, attracting billions in imports annually? This boom, however, is attracting not only legitimate businesses but also those looking to exploit loopholes. On average, more than US$6.7 billion worth of products are imported annually, with around 14,000 new products being introduced every year. One example is the increase in sales of equipment for endoscopic surgeries, given the rise in the number of bariatric surgeries, which already exceeds 70,000 procedures per year.

Brazilian Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Allow AI as Inventor

On February 20, 2024, a Brazilian congress member, Antônio Luiz Rodrigues Mano Júnior (known as Júnior Mano), introduced a bill to amend the national IP Statute (Law #9,279/96) and regulate the ownership of inventions generated by artificial intelligence systems. Bill #303/2024 proposes the addition of a paragraph to Article 6 of the IP Statute, which regulates ownership of inventions, with the following wording: “in the case of inventions autonomously generated by artificial intelligence system, the patent can be requested in the name of the artificial intelligence system that has created the invention, being the artificial intelligence system considered the inventor and owner of rights arising from the invention.”