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Stephanie Sivinski is a trial lawyer and Partner at Haynes Boone that knows the value of effectively communicating her clients’ stories—both in written advocacy and in the courtroom. Stephanie focuses on complex federal-court litigation and has won trial victories in high-stakes cases ranging from patent-infringement to breach-of-contract matters. Her clients pioneer technology ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, and thermodynamics to wireless networks.

Stephanie takes an authentic, honest approach to litigation that builds trust with the court and the jury. No matter what the stage of litigation, from motion practice to jury and bench trials, to oral arguments and appellate briefs, clients benefit from Stephanie’s exceptional ability to convey necessary technical details while focusing on the important legal and factual issues.

Before lending her skills to patent, copyright, and trade-secret disputes, Stephanie served as a judicial law clerk to a United States District Judge. Stephanie also has a significant scientific background, which enables her to effectively communicate complex technical or scientific concepts in the service of her clients. While pursuing an undergraduate degree in genetics, Stephanie developed a working knowledge of organic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular genetics. As an undergraduate research assistant, she frequently performed DNA amplification, reverse transcription, and gel electrophoresis techniques.

In addition to her civil litigation practice, Stephanie has devoted significant time to pro bono matters. She currently represents an inmate on Texas death row and conducted several key witness examinations during multiple weeks-long evidentiary hearings. She also frequently represents Dallas residents looking to combat crime on their streets using nuisance laws.

Stephanie is a Barrister of the Hon. Barbara M.G. Lynn American Inn of Court, and a member of the IP Section Council of the Dallas Bar Association.

Recent Articles by Stephanie Sivinski

Vanda v. West-Ward: This Time, Dosage Adjustment Claims are Patent Eligible Subject Matter

The Federal Circuit’s decision in Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, No. 2016-2707, addresses the complicated topic of patent eligibility in the pharmaceutical space. Much of the decision compares Vanda’s claims to those found ineligible for patent protection in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, 132 S. Ct. 1289 (2012). While the ultimate patentability conclusions are opposite, the claims in Vanda and Mayo are very similar, highlighting the thin—and often unpredictable—line that divides eligible and ineligible subject matter. Generic drug manufacturers must account for this unpredictability in gauging their litigation risks.

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