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Stanislav Aleksandrov currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and works as a self-employed counselor. His background as a specialist and a manager on intellectual property includes:

  • 2018 – 2022 – Head of intellectual property department, counselor, GazpromNeft Science and Technology Center;
  • 2018 – IP lawyer, Gazprom 335 Ltd.;
  • 2004 – 2017 – Deputy director for strategic and innovative development. Chief specialist on IP, “Avrora Scientific and Production Association,” marine automation industry.

Aleksandrov graduated as an engineer (red diploma, top degree) on information systems and as a lawyer (red diploma, top degree) at Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russia, 2004 – 2005. He is certified as a patent attorney, and received awards and certificates of appreciation from the patent office and professional organizations for protection and management of IP. Throughout his career, Aleksandrov has been involved in writing courses and teaching intellectual property.

Recent Articles by Stanislav Aleksandrov

Trade Secrets: Modeling and Quantifying Risk Probabilities

Being able to quantify risk probabilities for a trade secret helps owners make strategic decisions in intellectual property management, such as choosing the type of intellectual property protection, considering opportunities for M&A, licensing, and improving the reliability of protection. As a result, this quantification enables the extraction of more value from intellectual property, particularly when managing middle- and large-sized IP portfolios. Let’s explore one possible approach to quantification by modeling an example case, quantify probabilities for risks derived from both the competitor and owner and its influence on Expected Monetary Value (EMV), and then discover some non-trivial suggestions for improving the efficiency of trade secret management.