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Sean O’Connor

is the Boeing International Professor at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle. His research and law practice focus on intellectual property and business law, especially the role of general counsel for start-ups and commercializing innovation in technology and arts. Professor O’Connor received his law degree from Stanford Law School, a master’s degree in philosophy from Arizona State University, and a bachelor’s degree in history from University of Massachusetts. Before graduate school he was a singer-songwriter and rock band front man with two self-released albums that received local airplay in the Northeast. He is currently writing Method+ology and the Means of Innovation, and serving as Editor of The Oxford Handbook of Music Law & Policy, both forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

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Recent Articles by Sean O’Connor

Not So Blurred Lines

Some IP commentators love to hate the Blurred Lines music copyright decision. A primary critique has stoked unnecessary fear in musicians that the decision blurs the line between protectable expression and unprotectable style or genre. Much of the animosity, however, is based on misunderstanding or misconstruing the law or facts. This post clarifies this aspect of the case to show why the district court decision was reasonable and should be affirmed in the current appeal at the Ninth Circuit.