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Reinhard Ottway

is Chairman of NovumIP, a global IP service provider that was formed by IP law firm and service providers Novagraaf and PAVIS in 2019, and will soon become part of Questel. For more information on this topic, view NovumIP’s recent webinar featuring Reinhard and other industry leaders discussing the U.S. IP outlook.

Recent Articles by Reinhard Ottway

Three Ways to Future-Proof Your IP Portfolio

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in how IP professionals manage their patent and trademark portfolios. Fortunately, many IP law firms and corporate IP departments have survived and managed well in this new environment. They are even showing great optimism as the industry trends toward greater consolidation and tighter global integration. Nonetheless, major concerns remain, challenging both IP owners and their advisers to find more effective ways to solve their portfolio management challenges while focusing on the long-term strategic value of IP.