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Ravi Mohan

is a patent attorney at Rutan & Tucker LLP’s Intellectual Property group where his practice emphasizes patent drafting and prosecution, intellectual property litigation, freedom to operate analysis/opinions, and intellectual property due diligence. Along with district court practice, he has practiced patent litigation in Tokyo, Japan; drafted responses for post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board; and litigated cases before the ITC. Ravi has broad experience with patents in a variety of technical fields including mobile devices, circuits, software, data security, radio frequency identification (RFID), Internet technology (especially networking across various IEEE standards), and more.

Recent Articles by Ravi Mohan

Don’t Feed the Trolls: Practicality in View of the FTC’s Report on Patent Assertion Entities 

The Norwegian fairy tale “Three Billy Goats Gruff” was far ahead of its time and the moral of that story has a very relevant, modern application. In short, the story introduces three goats that want to cross a river to eat some luscious grass. To do so, however, the goats must first cross a bridge; under which lives a fearsome troll, who is so territorial that he eats anyone who dares to cross it. By working together, the goats are able to plot against the troll, and ultimately knock him off of the bridge. After knocking the troll off the bridge, the three goats lived happily ever after. So, if these goats can figure out how to get rid of trolls, why can’t sophisticated companies do the same?