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Rafael Tögel

Head of Brazilian Patents and Innovations

Licks Attorneys

Rafael Tögel is a seasoned Patent Engineer, who heads the Brazilian Patents and Innovations practice at Licks Attorneys. He is also the head of the firm’s Curitiba office and co-head of the Mechanical practice.

Mr. Tögel’s work focuses on assisting clients to prosecute and obtain patent and design rights in Brazil and abroad. He directly interacts with clients’ Research and Development, Engineering and Legal departments to provide assistance in patent due diligence, training, early stages basic research and innovation, helping clients to create and to develop patenting and design protection strategies.

Mr. Tögel is an expert in prior art searches, FTO investigations and analysis of patentability, patent drafting and claim drafting. His work also includes patent and design portfolio management in Brazil and worldwide, as well as prosecution strategies before the BRPTO.

Mr. Tögel also assists clients with monetizing R&D and advising in patent and technology transfer projects, participating in the decision-making process for IP rights protection. His main activities also include advising Brazilian clients on computer implemented inventions involving internet of things and artificial intelligence related matters.

Mr. Tögel is elected counselor and active member of the council of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK-PR) in Brazil. He is also a tutor at the Brazilian Association of Patent Agents on introduction to the Brazilian patent system, patentability of inventions, registration of designs and patent drafting.

Recent Articles by Rafael Tögel

Brazilian Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Allow AI as Inventor

On February 20, 2024, a Brazilian congress member, Antônio Luiz Rodrigues Mano Júnior (known as Júnior Mano), introduced a bill to amend the national IP Statute (Law #9,279/96) and regulate the ownership of inventions generated by artificial intelligence systems. Bill #303/2024 proposes the addition of a paragraph to Article 6 of the IP Statute, which regulates ownership of inventions, with the following wording: “in the case of inventions autonomously generated by artificial intelligence system, the patent can be requested in the name of the artificial intelligence system that has created the invention, being the artificial intelligence system considered the inventor and owner of rights arising from the invention.”