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Monica Jang

Senior Licensing Manager

Boston Children's Hospital

Monica Jang is Senior Licensing Manager at the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) of Boston Children’s Hospital. She is responsible for the management of the intellectual property and commercialization of technologies arising from various departments including cardiology, the innovation and digital health accelerator (IDHA), gastroenterology, computerized health informatics, and radiology, as well as collaborative research and sponsored research agreements.
Prior to joining TIDO, Monica worked for three years as a Licensing Associate and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Liaison in the Life Science Group at the Technology Licensing Office at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT TLO), where she focused on licensing biotech inventions arising from the Media Lab, McGovern Institute, Koch institute, Center for Bits and Atoms, and Lincoln Labs. She has also worked as a Technical Assistant at Edwards Angell Palmer Dodge LLP in Boston, MA, a Clinical Research Coordinator at Broad Institute, Research Scientist at the Universite Catholique de Louvain under the direction of Dr. Desire Collen, and Teaching Assistant at MIT. Monica did her undergraduate work at MIT, majoring in Biology, concentrating in Ethics, from MIT. In her free time, she volunteers as a MIT Sandbox mentor, MIT Alumni Association mentor, Phillips Exeter Academy mentor, MIT Cambridge Enterprise Forum volunteer and an Association for Women in Science Massachusetts Chapter volunteer. She is also the president of the Licensing Executives Society, a Legal Writing Teaching Assistant and recipient of the Hologic and Merchant & Gould Scholar Award, Joyce Scholar Award, and Dean’s Scholarship at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law.
In both her current and previous positions, Monica has had the privilege of working for women leaders who not only led with sincere empathy but also a deep desire to help younger women grow by empowering them with new roles and responsibilities across the institution. By way of their mentorship, she has helped bring on more excellent women to the team, and is thrilled not only to see them grow but also to learn how she can be a better leader, mentor and colleague. They say if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Monica has been privileged to count on many women who have helped her here, and wants to help other women as she continues to grow.

Recent Articles by Monica Jang

Advocating for Ethics-Driven Regulation for Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technology can serve as a shared database ledger that tracks assets and transactions with little to no oversight but, in theory, unlimited users. Its potential applications spanning smart contracts to blockchaining intellectual property, indicate promise for fluid collaborations, efficient remuneration and thorough intellectual property management. However, there are still crucial issues, including privacy, compatibility, liability and jurisdiction that remain undefined. Moreover, because all fields necessitate specialized codes of conduct and ethics, if blockchain technology is expected to make a significant difference in society, then it too, deserves its own field of ethics, like artificial intelligence (AI), nuclear technology, biotechnology, and space exploration. Leading minds across disciplines need to contemplate how this technology can be shaped to have a positive impact, first by examining what this field is capable of doing and its potential consequences.