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Dr. Michael Sartori is a partner with McCarter & English, where his practice is focused on patent prosecution, patent portfolio counseling, and patent litigation for US, Asian, and European clients in a wide variety of fields, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, electro-optics, video processing, Internet communications, software, e-commerce, mobile apps, defense systems, industrial manufacturing, medical devices, consumer products, and industrial designs. He advises large multinational corporations, US companies, start-ups, and individual inventors.

For patent prosecution and counseling, Michael is a recognized thought leader in using examiner analytics and provides a comprehensive, business-goal-orientated, data-driven approach to developing and managing his client’s patent portfolios. Keeping his client’s business objectives in mind, Michael crafts and implements cost-effective strategies to assist his client’s goals for their patent portfolio, whether US only or worldwide.

For patent litigation and counseling, Michael provides guidance prior to and during patent litigation, whether in an inter partes review (IPR), at a US district court, or at the Federal Circuit. He often serves as part of a cohesive and tactical litigation team that is driven to assist with the client’s litigation goals. He has also provided opinions leading up to litigation, including infringement, validity and enforceability opinions, as well as freedom-to-operate opinions.

Michael’s background as a researcher and as a patent examiner provides a skilled perspective to the US patent system. Prior to becoming a patent attorney, he conducted research in the areas of artificial intelligence, neural networks, multi-dimensional signal processing, and underwater acoustic signal processing and was granted several patents for his inventions. While serving as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Michael examined patent applications for computer speech processing, including recognition, processing and synthesis of speech, and received the Patent Academy’s Distinguished Graduate Award.

Recent Articles by Michael Sartori

Understanding the Importance of Words in Design Patents

Is the scope of a design patent determined by the figures alone? Two recent Federal Circuit decisions highlight that the words describing the article of manufacture in the title and claims can indeed limit the scope and enforceability of a design patent. In particular, the title and claims of the design patent contain important information that provide a more accurate and predictable notice of what is and is not protected by the design patent. Thus, the title and the claims of a design patent are particularly relevant to the scope of the patent—both for procurement and enforcement.

Importance of Accurate Translation of Non-English Priority Patent Applications

Can a U.S. patent be invalidated due to an inaccurate translation of the non-English priority patent application? The answer is most definitely “Yes.” This article examines the recent Federal Circuit decision in which this occurred, IBSA Institut Biochimique, S.A. v. Teva Pharm. USA, Inc., 966 F.3d 1374 (Fed. Cir. 2020), and discusses the procedural framework on how to prevent and correct such a problem.