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Meaghan Kent is an experienced intellectual property (IP) litigator and counselor and a partner with Morgan Lewis. She frequently advises media, consumer product, and software companies, among others, on IP protection, risks, and claims. She counsels clients on the development and protection of IP portfolios, including copyright registration, licensing, clearance, fair use analysis, and establishing efficient enforcement strategies to monitor and abate online infringement. Meaghan has a particular focus on issues unique to online content providers, including Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Communications Decency Act legal immunities for user-generated content and liability arising from linking, sharing, distributing, embedding, moderating, and aggregating content.

Recent Articles by Meaghan Kent

Copyright in the Courts: A Roundup of Key Copyright Decisions for 2023

Copyright exits everywhere—from books on a library shelf to music playing on the radio, to the software running the electronic device on which you are reading this article. Copyright’s broad scope and extensive reach foster a varied and fascinating landscape of copyright cases. From cases involving the use of a celebrity photograph, animated dancing video game characters, to artificial intelligence (AI) infringement inquiries, the number and type of matters copyright touches is seemingly infinite. This provides an evergreen bounty of copyright cases to digest. The following highlights some of the top copyright decisions of 2023.

Keeping Up with Copyright Infringement: Copyright, Celebrities, Paparazzi, and Social Media

Just two months after the end of her second copyright infringement lawsuit, fashion model Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid was sued for a third time, on September 13, for copyright infringement for posting paparazzi photos to her social media accounts without the license or permission of the photographer. Other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and, most recently, Justin Bieber, have made news for the same situation. This trend falls into an interesting intersection of two significant tenets of law: a celebrity’s right of publicity in their own image and a photographer’s right to copyright their artistic work.