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Mary Juetten

Founder & CEO


Mary Juetten, Founder & CEO of Traklight, has dedicated her more-than-35-year career to helping individuals and businesses achieve and protect their success. Mary is a mediator, lawyer, and professional accountant, and practices collaborative law in Washington and Arizona. Mary created Trakight, the only self-guided software platform that creates a custom intellectual property (IP) strategy and assesses business risk plus generate leads and triages for companies, attorneys, mediators, and CPAs.  In 2015 Mary co-founded Evolve Law, a sales and marketing channel for Traklight and spoke internationally on change and technology adoption in the legal industry before selling the company to Above the Law.

Mary was named to the American Bar Association’s Legal Resource Technology Center 2016 Women in Legal Tech list and the FastCase Class of 2016. Mary currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Washington State Bar Association and both the Global Collaborative Law Council and the Collaborative Professionals of Phoenix Board and teaches in the legal technology certificate program at Suffolk Law.

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