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Maria Scungio

A member of Robinson+Cole’s Intellectual Property + Technology Group, Maria Scungio has more than 20 years of experience managing worldwide trademark portfolios, including transactional matters as well as protection, and intellectual property litigation.

Recent Articles by Maria Scungio

U.S. Customs Recordation – A Valuable Enforcement Tool

Owners of trademarks and copyrights registered in the U.S. have available a potent enforcement tool to stave off entry of increasing volume of infringing and counterfeit goods into the U.S. – recordation of these rights with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. CBP has recently extended recordation eligibility to pending copyright applications on a temporary six-month basis. The investment for recordation is nominal, the process is simple, and the IP rights enforcement services received in return are significant.

Ready for 2021?  Beware Non-Use of Your Trademarks in 2020

Some businesses, as a result of the pandemic, have been pressed to discontinue manufacture or sale of products or have otherwise limited the scope of their business activities. As a result, in 2020 the use of one or more of the trademarks owned by your business may have stopped. Under U.S. trademark law, in the fifth year of a trademark registration term, and every ten years thereafter, a post-registration maintenance filing at the USPTO is required (e.g., evidence and a sworn statement about continuous trademark use in U.S. commerce). If sustained discontinuity of trademark use has occurred what options are available to keep a trademark registration active?