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Lori Cohen

Senior Counsel

Womble Bond Dickinson

Lori Cohen is Senior Counsel with Womble Bond Dickinson. She has represented Fortune 100 clients in the procurement and protection of well-known trademarks domestically and internationally. She concentrates her practice on all aspects of international and domestic trademark prosecution and international opposition and cancellation proceedings. Her client representation spans a wide range of industries, including alcoholic beverages, automotive, apparel, jewelry, food, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to private practice, Lori served as in-house trademark counsel for Jordache Enterprises, Inc., where she was responsible for procuring, maintaining, and enforcing rights for well-known trademarks worldwide. In this role, she was also involved in matters relating to the enforcement of trademark rights, including anti-counterfeiting seizures of infringing goods.

Recent Articles by Lori Cohen

Certification Marks: The Tie that Binds Scotch Whisky, the International Ladies Garment Worker’s Union and a Rated R Motion Picture

A Certification Mark is a name, symbol and/or logo used by groups (associations, unions, organizations, trade groups, etc.) to show that the product or service to which it is attached complies with industry or associations standards. A Certification Mark can be used to indicate that a product claiming to be from a region, is in fact from that region (Roquefort Cheese). A Certification Mark can be used to indicate that a product is in fact made with the materials it claims to be (Wool). A Certification Mark can be used to assure that certain standards a product boasts of are true (Energy Efficiency, 100% Recycled). A Certification Mark can be used to help parents decide whether to take their children to a certain motion picture (The Rating System). The purpose of a Certification Mark is therefore, to certify and not to own or indicate source.