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Karin Lersten

is an experienced project leader in Business-driven IP Management, specialized in IP strategy and performance improvement of IP operations. She has a Master of Science in Biotechnology and Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and before starting at Konsert IP in 2011, she ran a start-up developing a MedTech device for animals.

Recent Articles by Karin Lersten

Three Key Strategies for Adapting Patent Departments to Agile Innovation Settings

As companies grow their digital business, many R&D organizations transition to Agile innovation practices*, both in software and hardware development. Any implementation of Agile leads to key changes in how firms innovate. Changes include how R&D objectives are set, how resource prioritizations are made, and how fast development cycles are run. Instead of the traditional approach of setting goals early on and seeing changes as unwanted deviations from plan, Agile brings a state of constant evolution, as Agile teams find, solve and reformulate problems to create as much customer value as possible. Resource prioritization is more active and selective as Agile empowers and requires teams to direct resources to the features and unsolved problems with highest priority. Development cycles shorten as Agile emphasizes quick sprints with autonomous teams having end-to-end skills.