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Karen Feisthamel

is a Principal with Kacvinsky Daisak Bluni, PLLC, focusing on a wide variety of intellectual property matters. Karen has extensive experience with respect to the creation, selection, acquisition, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights with a particular focus on trademarks, unfair competition and copyright matters. Prior to joining Kacvinsky Daisak Bluni, Karen was Senior Legal Counsel, Intellectual Property, for CVS Health Corporation, where she oversaw and managed all IP issues on an enterprise-wide basis for the Fortune 10 company. For more information, or to contact Karen, please visit her firm profile page.

Recent Articles by Karen Feisthamel

Parent or Subsidiary? Think Twice Before Opting Not to Have the Parent Own the Trademark

Where a company has a complicated ownership structure – perhaps hundreds or even thousands of legal entities ultimately under a single parent company – the trademark practitioner may colloquially refer to all of these entities collectively as “the client.” But when determining ownership of the trademarks within that corporate structure by the client, careful consideration should be given to exactly which legal entity owns or will own the new mark, especially if the owner is not to be the parent entity within the company’s organizational structure. While the business will naturally have its own thoughts as to which entity should own the mark, the practitioner’s job includes ensuring that decision is formed consistent with the strictures imposed by trademark law.