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Justin Delfino

global head of Intellectual Property and Research & Development


Justin Delfino is the global head of Evalueserve‘s Intellectual Property and Research & Development (IP and R&D) practice. Mr Delfino delivers on critical priorities across operations, digital products, overall go-to-market strategies, and customer success for the IP and R&D line of business.

Before joining Evalueserve, Mr Delfino accumulated over 20 years of experience in the R&D area, holding positions in sales management at LexisNexis, IQVIA (formerly IMS Health), and Nielsen. Notably, Mr Delfino was part of the founding team at LexisNexis, launching their intellectual property products. He holds an MBA from the University of East Anglia.

Recent Articles by Justin Delfino

International Perspectives: R&D and AI Policies in the Global Landscape

Everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence (AI), but not everyone’s talking about it the same way. The tenor of the global conversation on AI ranges from dystopian fearmongering to evangelistic optimism. It’s vital to know the prevailing mood in the territory where you plan to launch your AI-powered service, app, or consultancy. In this article, we’ll briefly tour recent legislation, ethical conversations, and economic strategies to demonstrate how varied current thinking is on this revolutionary new technology. We’ll look at the current situation in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan and beyond, as countries develop the policies, guidelines and laws necessary to regulate AI innovation without stifling creativity.