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Julie Carlson

Director of Economic Strategy


Julie Carlson is Director of Economic Strategy at Qualcomm. Her work focuses on, analyzing policy issues related to intellectual property, standardization, and innovation. Prior to, joining Qualcomm, she was Associate Director for Antitrust and Innovation Policy at the, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Julie also served as a senior staff economist, in the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission where she assisted with, anticompetitive conduct investigations of technology firms, participated in agency advocacy, and, contributed to agency reports including the FTC report on patent assertion entity activity. During her time at the FTC, she was an advisor to Chairman Joseph Simons, Commissioner William Kovacic, and BE Director Marta Wosinska. Before joining the FTC, Julie was as an assistant professor of economics at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. As an expert in competition and innovation policy, Julie has published on these issues in academic journals, presented her research at academic conferences, and participated in expert panels. She received her Ph.D. in economics from Michigan State University.

Recent Articles by Julie Carlson

New Data Show There Is a Problem with the U.S. Patent System—But It’s Not Patent Trolls

If the headlines are to be believed, every aspect of American life, from farming to football, is under threat due to excessive patent litigation. While these anecdotes may seem compelling, it is important to look at the underlying data before drawing any conclusions about the state of the U.S. patent system. As an economist and one of the authors of the Federal Trade Commission’s study of patent assertion entities (PAEs), I understand the value data can bring to patent policy debates, and have also seen firsthand the damage evidence-free policymaking has on America’s innovation ecosystem.

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