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Josh Escovedo is a shareholder in Buchalter’s Sacramento and Los Angeles offices. He is a member of Buchalter’s Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Real Estate Practice Groups. With a keen focus on delivering exceptional legal representation, Josh’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of legal areas.

Josh’s litigation practice focuses on complex matters involving breaches of contracts, fraud, shareholder and partnership disputes, and other business-related actions. Josh has also become known as a recognized authority in defamation and free-speech actions. His thorough understanding of these matters allows him to provide strategic counsel and achieve favorable outcomes for his clients.

Josh’s intellectual property practice focuses on trademark and copyright law and includes litigation and transactional matters. Josh regularly handles infringement litigation, trademark and copyright registration, licensing, and acquisitions and sales of intellectual property. His comprehensive approach ensures that his clients’ intellectual-property assets are protected and maximized.

Josh also maintains a sophisticated real estate practice, catering to a wide range of needs for commercial property owners and developers. His expertise includes commercial contract and lease disputes, purchase and sale litigation, development disputes, fraud actions, mechanic’s lien claims, and general advice and counsel to property owners and developers. Josh’s dedication to his clients’ success and deep understanding of the real estate industry make him a trusted advisor in this complex field.

Josh is certified by the NFLPA, CFLPA, and MLBPA (pending) as a contract advisor. As both an agent and an attorney, Josh has developed an intimate understanding of the sports industry, its collective bargaining agreements, and the business of sports. This valuable insight has paved the way for him to establish a specialized sports practice, catering to the diverse needs of athletes, coaches, managers, teams, and fellow agents. Whether it’s reviewing services contracts, negotiating endorsement deals, or representing clients’ interests in arbitration, Josh’s deep understanding of the sports provides a significant advantage to his clients. With his knowledge and experience, Josh can navigate the complexities of sports-related legal matters with precision and ensure his clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Recent Articles by Josh Escovedo

The Briefing by the IP Law Blog: Las Vegas Raiders Sued by Law Firm for Trademark Infringement Claim Threat

The Dimopoulos Law Firm, a personal injury firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has filed a lawsuit against the NFL alleging that the league threatened to sue the firm for trademark infringement. The dispute arose after the firm hired three professional athletes, including Maxx Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders, to appear in an advertisement that used the firm’s black and silver color scheme. According to the law firm, the advertisement did not feature any logos or trademarks of the NFL, the Raiders, or any other sports teams. Despite this, the NFL sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dimopoulos accusing the firm of unauthorized use of the Raiders’ marks.

The Briefing by the IP Law Blog: Getty Images Sues Stability AI for Copyright Infringement in Stable Diffusion Training

On the latest episode of The Briefing by the IP Law Blog, Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss the lawsuit filed earlier this year by global visual content creator Getty Images against startup technology company Stability AI for allegedly scraping over 12 million photographs from Getty’s portfolio without consent or compensation. Getty Images claims that Stability AI copied its photographs and associated text and metadata to train its Stable Diffusion model, which uses AI to generate computer-synthesized images in response to text prompts.