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Jeff Lindsay

has repeatedly been recognized as one of the world’s leading IP strategists since 2015 by IAM in their global IAM300 listing based on peer input. He is currently a consultant assisting companies with innovation and IP strategy, both as a Senior Advisor for ipCapital Group and as President of Planet Lindsay, LLC with clients in Asia and the United States. Jeff is the former Head of Intellectual Property for Asia Pulp and Paper (China), one of the world’s largest forest product industries, which gave him the opportunity to live in Shanghai for 9 years and experience much of Asia. He is the former Senior Research Fellow and Corporate Patent Strategist of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, where he worked with over 20 groups around the company to guide and integrate IP strategy. He was also the Head of R&D and IP at Lume Deodorant, a startup focused on science-based consumer products, where he developed a variety of new product concepts based on discoveries in biofilm control. Jeff also served as a Director at Innovationedge, a consultancy led by Kimberly-Clark’s former Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Perkins. At Innovationedge Jeff assisted companies with IP strategy, technology transfer, and technology scouting. Jeff is a former assistant and then associate professor at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (now RBI) at Georgia Tech. He is a registered US patent agent and inventor with over 130 US patents.

Jeff is the lead author of Conquering Innovation Fatigue (John Wiley & Sons, 2009) with Mukund Karanjikar and Cheryl Perkins.

Jeff has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE). Jeff serves as a board member and a Vice President of the Interpreter Foundation (Salt Lake City, Utah) and while in China was a board member of the Huang Yi Cong Foundation, a charity in China aimed at assisting impoverished students with their education.

Jeff is a fan of Chinese culture. He reads, writes, and speaks Mandarin and especially enjoys recent Chinese science fiction. Jeff also speaks some German, Swahili, and Hmong. Jeff and his wife, Kendra Lindsay, live in Appleton, Wisconsin. They have four sons and twelve grandchildren.

Recent Articles by Jeff Lindsay

Desperate Heroism and the Thunder of a Quiet Revolution: The Rise of China’s Economy and IP System

On October 16, 2021, as I contemplated lessons from my nine years in China, the Financial Times broke a story that rocked the world—especially the U.S. military: “China tests new space capability with hypersonic missile.” China’s recent launch of a nuclear-capable rocket that circled the globe at high speed “took US intelligence by surprise.” Military experts quickly noticed that Chinese innovation in hypersonic weapons “was far more advanced than US officials realised.” As I’ve seen happen many times in coverage on innovation in China, our mainstream media is now downplaying China’s achievement (“not much of a surprise,” per the New York Times, and nothing but old Russian technology per Foreign Policy). It’s similar to the objections raised for decades about IP and innovation in China: low quality, just copying, nothing to be worried about. Yet in industry after industry, China is taking a leadership position in technology and its international patents that can’t be won by copying. It comes from leading.