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Gustavo Sartori is a partner in the Engineering and Designs Group at Daniel Legal & IP Strategy in Rio de Janeiro. He is an accomplished patent attorney with strong experience in patents and industrial designs since 2004. Gustavo holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and a law degree, combining technical expertise with legal acumen. Throughout his career, he has worked in renowned intellectual property firms in Brazil and gained industry experience as a patent engineer in a large mining company. In addition, he worked at a large technology company, in the department responsible for deploying the 3G access network and overseeing the quality of installation for base stations, antennas, links, and other components, equipment, and nodes of the access network. At a leading national IP firm, he worked on one of the first major patent litigation cases involving telecom standard essential patents in Brazil.

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Brazil, a country known for its abundant natural resources, is emerging as a significant player in the global renewable energy sector. Brazil has one of the highest levels of insolation in the world (ranging from 4.25 to 6.5 sun hours per day according to the Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment Project – (SWERA) and is therefore uniquely positioned to harness the power of the sun.