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Geoffrey Lottenberg is a partner in Berger Singerman’s Fort Lauderdale office, lead of Berger Singerman’s intellectual property practice and co-manager of the firm’s Dispute Resolution Team. Geoff handles a wide variety of matters, including IP procurement and enforcement, business and technology law, and complex commercial litigation. With a calculated approach, Geoff regularly litigates patent, trademark, and copyright disputes in Federal Court throughout the United States. He also handles a variety of technology-related commercial litigation matters including disputes over software contracts, non-compete agreements, and trade secrets.

As a Registered Patent Attorney armed with a background in mechanical engineering, Geoff prosecutes domestic and foreign patents and renders opinions on a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including automation, facial recognition technology, medical devices, emergency communication devices, software-based systems, and energy devices. Geoff is also has hundreds of federal trademark applications and registrations under his belt.

Geoff is also an experienced transactional lawyer who works on broad array of corporate intellectual property matters including negotiating and preparing license agreements, software contracts, manufacturing and distribution agreements, and intellectual property asset transfers. Geoff is a key member of our firm’s mergers and acquisitions team and provides support in restructuring and work out matters.


Recent Articles by Geoffrey Lottenberg

Big Awards Underscore Importance of Bolstering Your Company’s Trade Secrets Protocols

Corporate espionage is as old as the day is long. The modern digital world has made it easier than ever to gain access to sensitive “secret sauce”, such as software, customer and vendor lists, business methods, techniques, formulas and recipes. With a significant shift to a remote working environment and the relative ease of employee portability, protecting and defending confidential information and trade secrets must be at the top of the priority list for any organization. In May 2022, in Appian v. Pegasystems, a jury awarded likely the largest sum in the history of Virginia state court proceedings, finding that Pegasystems was liable for $2 billion-plus in damages to Appian for planting a corporate spy at Appian for over 10 years…. While the facts of the Appian case are not particularly unusual, the measure of damages is quite stunning.

Unexpectedly Active IP Legal Market Bucks Recession Trends and Boosts Outlook

At the onset of the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic in early March 2020, the legal community immediately became concerned about its economic prospects. Particularly in the intellectual property (IP) legal community, bad memories from the 2007-2009 mortgage crisis and Great Recession surfaced, and fears of losing clients, billable hours, and jobs mounted. However, due to a variety of factors, the legal market has been unexpectedly resilient and, in many ways, has thrived during these extremely uncertain times.