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Fredrik Johansson

is a master’s student at Chalmers University of Technology majoring in Intellectual Capital Management and is currently a summer intern at ROL Group working as an IP/Business analyst. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management with IT as orientation. Fredrik also has prior experience working as business development intern at Avinode Inc. and Infineon Technologies AG. Alongside his master’s studies, he is the president of ICM Advice, a student-run non-profit IP consultancy organization. You can contact Fredrik via e-mail at

Recent Articles by Fredrik Johansson

When Do Operating Companies Sell Their Patents?

What causes operating companies to sell their patents? Our intuition tells us that patent sales take place when the seller is in financial distress or the company is underperforming. We asked ourselves whether data aligned with our intuition… 71% of the sales occurred when the seller underperformed the overall market by more than 5 percentage points.

Finding the Best Patents – Comparative Patent Ranking Systems – Citations Still Matter

Over the past 18 months, our clients have begun to show greater interest in international patents (e.g. non-US). Increasing client interest in international patents corresponds with the general rise in importance of international patents (continuing ascension of the Chinese market, potential for unitary patent for Europe), more anti-patent owner decisions in the US, and greater patent litigation outside the US.…