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Fred Qiu is an associate in the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Sheppard Mullin‘s Silicon Valley office. Fred advises clients on all areas of patent law, including strategic patent portfolio development, USPTO patent validity review proceedings, patent litigation in U.S. trial and appeal courts, and technology transactions. His technical background includes physics and electrical/computer engineering. Working with high-tech companies large and small, he has developed in-depth knowledge about intellectual property issues for a range of industries, including quantum computing and communications, blockchain and web 3.0 services, artificial intelligence, semiconductor design and manufacturing, and networking solutions.

Recent Articles by Fangzhou (Fred) Qiu

Patent Landscape for Quantum Computing: A Survey of Patenting Activities for Different Physical Realization Methods

The year 2023 marked another year of rapid advancements in quantum computing technology, showcasing significant progress in key areas such as scalable quantum computing and quantum error correction. Multiple physical realization approaches or modalities for creating quantum bits (qubits) are under development, offering different tradeoffs in performance metrics such as qubit count, error rate, decoherence time, and gate speed. Patenting activities are effective indicators of innovation speed and resource distribution in a technology field. As 2024 begins, this post explores the newest development focus and trends in the quantum computing industry through the angle of its patent landscape and discusses strategic considerations for patenting in this rapidly evolving field.