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Dr. Masoud Vakili

has two decades of experience in the field of IP development, management, valuation, acquisition, sales and licensing. Throughout his career, Dr. Vakili has been involved in many high profile IP transactions. He has led the valuation of tens of thousands of patents per year, dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars in patent sales and acquisition transactions. Among Dr. Vakili’s achievements is the crucial role he played in the sale of Eastman Kodak’s patent portfolios worth half a billion dollars. He has also participated in consortium building, rights division, and asset allocation in sophisticated IP transactions. Moreover, he has been an advisor to several startups, where he has helped develop their IP portfolios towards successful IP monetization programs, culminating in the profitability and the acquisition of the companies. Dr. Vakili is the cofounder of International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA) and has been an invited speaker at USPTO. He has given many keynote speeches on subjects related to the IP market and IP valuation principles. He is a named inventor on a dozen filed patents and has published dozens of refereed articles in technical/scientific journals.

Recent Articles by Dr. Masoud Vakili

Patent Portfolio Valuations – Importance of IP and Patents

Even though traditionally valuation professionals have used a combination of cost-based and market-based valuation, more and more practitioners are using income-based valuation in combination with market data.  The income-based model focuses on what potential monetization or potential impact on business a patent portfolio might have, and as such, it is much more dynamic and reliable… For patent portfolios of potential future value, technology risk is preferred over market risk and one could use current market data to benchmark future value while building an income-based valuation model.