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David Boundy is a Partner in the Intellectual Property and Administrative Law practices at Potomac Law Group, advising clients in strategic development of intellectual property as an integrated asset of the business, and synergizing intellectual property with legal, R&D, finance, and marketing. Mr. Boundy is listed as one of the 300 leading intellectual property strategists in the world. He has represented and counseled inventors, investors, startups, and established companies in intellectual property matters. The scope of representation includes patent prosecution, licensing, counseling to avoid litigation, opinions, financing and public offering transactions, due diligence, acquisitions, and spinoffs. His special expertise is in structuring startups’ IP portfolios to maximize financing.  Special technological expertise includes computer hardware, systems software, and mathematically intensive computation such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and medical imaging.

Recent Articles by David Boundy

Patent Center Delay—Good Start, or More Entrenched, Magical Thinking?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO’s) delay in retiring EFS-Web and Patent Center is welcome news. But my fear is the announcement could be just another display of the magical thinking, disregard of engineering and legal process, and deafness to stakeholder input that has been the hallmark of the USPTO’s software processes.

‘A Study in Scarlet’—Powers of Attorney and USPTO Rulemaking, Part II: The USPTO Fails to Take the Paperwork Reduction Act Seriously

In Part I, I introduced the USPTO’s unpublished guidance document for signatures on powers of attorney, and the incompatibility of that guidance with state law, regulation, and the USPTO’s published guidance. Multiple laws should have caught the problems and led to a corrected document. Today, we’ll look at the USPTO’s pattern of ignoring those laws in multiple rounds of review under the Paperwork Reduction Act.