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Daniel Sternberg is Counsel with McDermott Will & Emery. He represents clients in all aspects of intellectual property (IP) litigation in district court and the International Trade Commission (ITC). Bolstered by a strong background in software engineering, Daniel has extensive experience both defending against patent infringement and other IP claims on behalf of clients, as well as enforcing such claims against infringers. Daniel also advises clients on patent portfolio strategy and provides IP due diligence support. He has technical experience in numerous areas, including telecommunications, circuit design, software and medical devices.

Recent Articles by Daniel Sternberg

Evaluating Europe’s New IP Court: How the UPC is Doing So Far and What’s to Come

On June 1, 2023, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) opened, providing a new venue for patent litigation across all 17 ratifying European Union member states. The court represents a significant shift in patent litigation in the EU, which is poised to impact the global patent strategy of U.S. and multinational companies. Through the European Patent Office (EPO), inventors have long been able to obtain patent protection across most of the EU through a single application. Once the EPO grants a European Patent, inventors have the option of obtaining local patent protection in any member state that they select without the need for further examination or review. However, historically, once the EPO granted a patent, there was no single enforcement or invalidation mechanism, leaving it up to the member states to enforce patent rights.