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Bradley Lytle

is a founding attorney and Partner at Xsensus LLP.. A former Managing Partner of Oblon, he is an electrical patent prosecution attorney whose practice also includes strategic counseling, licensing, patent litigation support, and preparation of legal opinions.

Mr. Lytle places particular emphasis on helping his clients build and leverage commercially significant U.S. and foreign patent portfolios. Working with large multinational companies in the U.S., Japan, MENA and Europe, he regularly devises strategies to assist them in establishing and fortifying a unique position in the marketplace.

Recent Articles by Bradley Lytle

Tips for Filing Divisional/Continuation Applications in China Versus the United States

Over the past decade—and likely for the rest of our lifetimes—China has become a favored venue for patent filings due to its increasing GDP and expansive market. However, U.S. applicants familiar with U.S. patent rules should be careful not to employ the same prosecution strategies as used in the United States when filing Chinese patents, as the rules in the two jurisdictions are materially different. For example, in the United States, it is common to file a string of continuation applications for inventions that are licensing/litigation worthy. In China, there is no corresponding opportunity.