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Art Monk

is the Vice President of Patent Transactions for TechInsights. In this role, Mr. Monk has facilitated high-value patent divestment and procurement transactions for clients in Japan, America, Taiwan, and Europe and maintains a trusted network of contacts throughout these regions. Prior to TechInsights, Mr. Monk was CEO of Inflexion Point Analytics, an entity focused on patent analytics and transactions. Mr. Monk holds an Honours B.Sc. in physics and an M.Sc. in biophysics from the University of Manitoba. He also holds an MBA in operations research from the University of Alberta where he dedicated time toward post-graduate research in solid-state physics. Mr. Monk has been named by Intellectual Asset Management to the IAM Strategy 300: the World’s Leading IP Strategists.

Recent Articles by Art Monk

Oil States: Examining Scenarios, Outline Effects on Portfolio Management Strategy

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a petition for Certiorari in Oil States Energy Services v. Greene’s Energy Group, which will result in the Court addressing the constitutionality of post grant proceedings… The impact of the resulting decision in this case may affect patent dispute outcomes not just moving forward, but possibly spanning 5 years into the past… At a (very) high level, there are three possible outcomes arising from the Supreme Court decision that is expected in 2018 that will impact the IPR process: no change, some change, major change.

Helping the Patent Pendulum Return to Upside by Preventing Random Walks in Congress

Almost 100% of the pre-election patent reform lobbying efforts were focused on the campaign, which did not prevail and thus on the morning of November 9 the patent community woke up to being well behind in getting a rapport established with the incoming administration. Don’t be fooled by the seductive image of a drained swamp, those of us in the pro-patent community will need to be pro-active in our engagement with Washington if we want patent reforms that meet our expectations.