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Andy Ulseth is President of Enhance Innovations. As a lifelong creative, Andy has extensive experience in understanding the nuances of bringing ideas to life. As an inventor, Andy has developed products that have been sold in retail outlets all across North America, and has facilitated licensing opportunities for inventors and independent entrepreneurs, alike, from all over the globe. Andy’s knowledge and warmth are key assets in how he does business with inventors and independent entrepreneurs.

Recent Articles by Andy Ulseth

The Last Article an Inventor Wants to Read: How to Know When Your Product Has Failed, and How to Proceed from There

Every inventor has, at one time or another, had the moment where all seems lost. Every avenue that could possibly yield a fruitful alleyway towards profitability has been trodden, and each industry contact that could potentially offer a path towards success has been contacted. The item that began as a simple idea, was built into a homemade prototype, and was eventually turned into a real product by a professional design firm, has not gotten the interest from the industry that had been dreamed of. This realization can be a serious cause for grief for those who have spent countless hours defining and tweaking their product, building relationships with designers, patent attorneys, industry insiders, and other inventors, and still have not achieved their ultimate goal of successfully bringing their product to market. These periods of time can be difficult, as it can feel like you are saying goodbye to a friend that has brought you so much hope, and joy throughout the development process.