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Andrew Gabriel

is the head of the intellectual property practice at CFWW+S. Andy is a patent attorney with experience obtaining patents for clients predominantly in the tech sector.  Andy obtained his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to law school, Andy studied at the Pennsylvania State University, College of Medicine, and completed a Master’s degree. Andy’s undergraduate education was completed at the Pennsylvania State University, where he graduated with a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Biology.

Recent Articles by Andrew Gabriel

Doc’s Orders: Analogize to Overcome Patent Eligibility Rejections

Taking a hint from what has worked before can give patent prosecutors an advantage. The question is then how to find such examples for use in forming arguments and claim amendments to address Alice v. CLS Bank rejections…. If you happen to face an Alice v. CLS Bank rejection or are sorted into an art unit that experiences a high volume of Alice v. CLS Bank rejections, consulting the prosecution history of successful cases in Public PAIR can prove fruitful for identifying analogous claim limitations and arguments that may help stimulate your thinking in forming a successful strategy for patentability.