IPlytics, now part of LexisNexis, is an innovative market intelligence company headed up by a team of economists, computer scientists and engineers. Founded in Berlin in 2012, IPlytics offers an online-based market intelligence tool (IPlytics Platform) to analyze technology trends, market developments and a company’s competitive position. Our innovative IP Analytics software provides intelligence for strategic business decision making for companies of any industry.

IPlytics leverages the use of e.g. patent, standards or company data to calculate sophisticated statistical value and trend indicators. All data sources are publicly available and constantly updated to ensure transparency and up-to-date information. The underlying machine learning algorithm enables an intelligent linking, processing and visualization of comprehensive data sources. With IPlytics Platform, users can easily navigate, analyze, and drill down into information enabling in-depth market analyses or a long term monitoring of particular technologies or market segments. With only one click IPlytics Platform provides visual results on the latest technology trends, market positions and company performances. IPlytics cooperates with leading scientific research organizations such as Fraunhofer, TU Berlin, ParisTech or Northwestern Chicago to guarantee trustworthy and reliable data processing and data calculation methods.

IPlytics provides information on competitive market intelligence indicating technology trends long before companies publicly announce new products or acquisition.