Bartkowski PLLC focuses its practice on intellectual property and international trade law. The firm’s primary practice area—IP litigation at the United States International Trade Commission under 19 U.S.C. § 1337 (Section 337 litigation)—marries those two fields. Litigation at the ITC typically involves assertion of patents against parties that import or sell allegedly infringing goods. In today’s global economy, many potential IP disputes fit this general pattern. Bartkowski PLLC brings decades of experience to clients in assisting on ITC cases, for both patentees and importers.

In addition to its focus on litigation at the ITC, Bartkowski PLLC also specializes in other IP and international trade matters. Bartkowski PLLC and its attorneys have significant experience litigating cases in district courts and the Court of International Trade, as well as in assisting importers and patentees in dealing with United States Customs and Border Protection. Our firm leverages this experience in litigation matters, as well as in counseling clients to effectively assess potential litigation, conduct due diligence, or craft strategies to avoid costly litigation.