Jason Blackstone

Jason Blackstone is a partner at Michelman &; Robinson, LLP, a national law firm headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional locations in Orange County (California), San Francisco, Houston, Chicago and New York City. Based in Houston, Jason is an intellectual property and cybersecurity law specialist and one of the leading advocates for treating data as an emerging asset class and species of IP.

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NFTs and IP Law: An Overview for Buyers and Sellers

Blockchain technology has brought the world a collection of cutting-edge investment opportunities, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) among them. And with the advent of these unique digital assets, comes an entirely novel product segment subject to intellectual property law. For months now, the media has covered stories about NFTs selling for obscene prices. But behind these headlines—and given the onslaught of NFTs that continue to flood the market—are questions regarding trademark and copyright issues raised by these non-interchangeable units of data.