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Karl Fazio is an entrepreneurial, results-oriented tech sector legal executive with over 16 years of experience developing, driving, and implementing legal strategy and tactics as a chief intellectual property and patent counsel, general counsel, and civil and criminal litigator. Trusted advisor and partner to business units, dedicated to “rolling up the sleeves” and delivering legal solutions that accomplish business goals while mitigating risk. Acknowledged by peers, subordinates, and senior management as a stabilizing force capable of gracefully managing the chaos that is the tech business environment. Experience includes guiding GoDaddy from startup through private equity investment through IPO, preparing and prosecuting over 100 patent applications, and litigating and managing complex litigation.

Kate Gaudry, focuses her practice on patent prosecution and counseling, with an emphasis on software, computer systems, and quantitative biology. Dr. Gaudry also routinely performs statistical analysis of clients’ patent portfolios to identify effective prosecution strategies. Further, Dr. Gaudry regularly empirically evaluates programs and performance of the United States Patent and Trademark Office so as to provide her clients with prosecution recommendations and to advocate for compact and fair examination. Her publications are representative of such efforts.

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10 Years Later – A Look at the Efficacy of the Pre-Appeal Brief Conference Program

For 61% of the non-defective requests, the panel decided that there was an actual issue for appeal, such that the applicant would either need to file an Appeal Brief, reengage the Examiner or abandon the application. For 33% of the non-defective requests, the panel decided that prosecution was to be reopened. For only 6% of requests were the panel decisions that an application was to be allowed.