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Webinar: Raising the Profile of IP within Your Company

In-house IP attorneys need to explain the importance a sound, thoughtful intellectual property strategy plays in the long-term strategic development of the company. This role is even more important now as corporations across the spectrum of innovation seek cost-savings and engage in budget cutting. But how should the strategic vision be conveyed so those in the C-suite with financial and decision-making authority who are not steeped in intellectual property practices can best understand?

Join us on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 11 AM ET, for a conversation about how IP leaders can and should discuss their efforts with decision-makers in the C-suite and on the Board of Directors. Our conversation will focus on how best to engage company teams and senior management on the importance of intellectual property protection as a driver of value and not as a cost center for the company. Learn about their successes and failures, training and reporting methods, and best practices for communicating about innovation and intellectual property protections.

This panel will be moderated by Gene Quinn, President & CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc. Gene will be joined by Christof Wolpert, Vice President Global Legal Innovation, adidas, Raymond Millien, VP of Legal at Exro Technologies Inc., and Vincent Brault, Senior Vice President of Product & Innovation at Anaqua.

In addition to answering as many questions as possible, the panel will discuss:

  • Expanding the perception of IP beyond legal protection
  • Forging a strong partnership with R&D teams
  • Cultivate senior IP champions in the C-Suite and on the Board
  • Explaining why IP drives value (and revenue) and is not merely a cost center
  • Creating awareness of competitive IP positioning relative to competitors and market opportunity.

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