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Webinar: Unprotected Trade Secrets – Identifying and Protecting Unrealized Confidential Assets

Many executives and attorneys do not understand trade secrets. Even C-suite executives at many tech companies often mistakenly believe they do not have any trade secrets worth protecting.

If you have patents, you also have trade secrets worth protecting. And despite popular misconception, patents and trade secrets can, do, and absolutely should co-exist.

On Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 1 PM ET, please join Gene Quinn, President & CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc., for a wide-ranging conversation about trade secrets, focusing on what companies can and should be doing to protect valuable confidential information. Joining the discussion as panelists will be James Pooley, an IP litigator and one of the foremost experts on trade secret law, Raymond Miller, Partner, and US Chair of Life Sciences Patent Development & Strategy, at DLA Piper LLP, and Tim Londergan, CEO and Founder of Tangibly, a Trade Secret identification and protection solution.

In addition to answering audience questions, the panel will dispel popular misconceptions about trade secrets, what in-house counsel and executives need to do to legally protect confidential information as a trade secret, and how outside counsel can help corporate clients transform confidential information into valuable trade secret assets. More specifically, the panel will discuss:

  • Proper documentation and protection of business confidential information in a way that creates and keeps a legally protected trade secret,
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify hidden trade secrets associated with patented technology.