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Webinar: Strengthening Innovation with Purposeful R&D and IP Collaboration

Does your IP team thoughtfully interact with R&D on an ongoing basis? Do you have an IP Liaison that serves as a go-between? Does your IP team play a role in guiding innovation goals, invention disclosures, and in deciding when it is appropriate to seek patent protection? If not, your strategy is almost certainly merely reactive, and unlikely to yield optimal results.

Without a proactive innovation strategy, you are missing an excellent opportunity to maximize innovation capture, streamline the invention-to-patent lifecycle, strategically strengthen your patent portfolio, and identify and protect company trade secrets.

Despite the advantages collaboration and cooperation provide, there is often a gap or even conflict between IP & R&D groups. And if your company operates on a global level, that challenge becomes more significant and impactful to business success and the bottom line.

Join us on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 12 PM ET, for a conversation about how purposeful collaboration between IP and R&D teams yields results. Our panel will delve into this topic and specifically discuss:

  • Overcoming collaboration challenges that derail success.
  • Designing processes that work and are actually used by your team.
  • Keeping inventors aligned with company strategy.
  • Best practices of harvesting invention disclosures effectively.
  • Purposeful monitoring and growing of the innovation portfolio.
  • Developing an innovation culture and appreciation of intellectual property by employees.