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Celebration! April 13th is National Be Kind To Lawyers Day

Happy National Be Kind To Lawyers Day!  What, you’ve not heard of it before?  Is it too much to ask to be nice to lawyers for just one day???  That was the question Steve Hughes, Creator of NATIONAL BE KIND TO LAWYERS DAY and the author of asked himself one day.  Steve, a non-lawyer from St. Louis and founder of Hit Your…

Hello Doctor, Can You Recommend a Good Doctor?

We do understand that the decision who to hire as your attorney is a very personal one, and you should make the selection carefully. At the same time it is at least a little insulting for individuals to ask us to recommend a patent attorney for them, as if they have already ruled out our services out of hand. It also is a big turn-off when it is clear that those who call or e-mail want us to read to them what we have written on our website.

Small Business Resources Through SCORE, an SBA Agency

Currently there are 364 chapters of SCORE operating in over 800 locations across the United States as well as in US Territories. The organization, which is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia and Washington DC, supports small businesses with both training and business counseling. Whether you are just starting out, or have been established for quite some time, SCORE can set you up with a personal business coach who can guide you along every step of your business.

Small Business Administration Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

The federal government knows that small businesses are critical to the economic strength and recovery of our country, especially as the economy stands today. For this very reason, programs have been put into place to assist entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses.

Mac vs. PC: A Simplistic Yet Effective Marketing Strategy

Apple is capitalizing on what would appear to some as Microsoft “crying wolf” syndrome and putting into question whether the new operating system can be trusted because its issues have not been effectively resolved by any of the previously released PC Operating Systems thus far. These ads are brilliant!

Twitter Faces Security Issues Again and Again

Essentially what it sounds like is that by getting you to sign into your twitter account, the scammers are able to look for patterns between the accounts you sign into using a form of spyware. If you use the same or similar passwords on websites of different kinds, chances are you are using the same or similar login for all of your accounts.

The Patent Process on a Tight but Realistic Budget

There are ways that inventors can file for Patent protection on their inventions with a limited budget, but even then you have to be realistic in the costs of this undertaking. Again, this is a process, and in order to do it right, there are several steps that need to take place and each of these steps will take time and money. You cannot simply write down on a piece of paper what your invention is, and get a patent.

Not All Invention Promotion Companies are Created Equal

I was at work today, doing what I usually do. I talk to inventors who want to patent their inventions. I speak to so many different levels of inventors. There are those who have no disposable income at all and are hoping their invention will change that for them; there are those on a tight budget who are hoping to…

Michael Jackson and the Beatles Copyrights

By now you should have all heard about Michael Jackson’s death. Although it is tragic that such a pop icon could die at such a young age, so much of the news coverage seems to be focusing on the bizarre aspects of Michael Jackson’s life, what appears to be a serious drug addiction and his financial debts.  When Michael passed…

Who Knew Avon Had Patents?

Recently I was searching for some fun and exciting patent news to write about and I came across a press release put out by Research & Markets announcing that they have initiated coverage of Avon Products, Inc.  Curious due to the fact that my wife recently started selling Avon, I thought I might as well take a look to see…

Domain Name Auction Set for Nov. 19

Purchasing domain names at auction or in the aftermarket may be the only way to acquire a descriptive domain name given that so many of the best domain names have been taken and those that can be purchased directly from domain name vendors are not nearly as desirable. So often domain name searches do not produce suitable web addresses for a company, and those searching find that the web domain that they really want has already been purchased.

Comparative Advertising: Mac vs. PC

Personally, I think the PC VS Mac commercials are right on. The thought that Microsoft would put out a product that requires their users to potentially need to purchase all new software and hardware components for their PCs is rather baffling. The fact that they are willing to budget hundreds of millions of dollars to advertise a product that does not work nearly as well as it should and is not compatible with most software and hardware currently on the market, is almost surreal.

McDonald’s Burgers & Burger King Fries

I would love to open up my own business selling McDonald’s Burgers and Burger King Fries. But such an endeavor would probably be so costly to “do it my way.” But I have to give Joey credit. He’s quite innovative for an 11 year old boy.

“I am Legend” Copyright Infringement?

After reading the book and seeing the movie, it’s a wonder that Director Lawrence even states that the movie is based on this book. While discussing the difference between the book and movie, this very question came to mind. There are some similarities between the two, but the book is so incredibly different that one could think they were different stories all together.